It the real sense of life as we were made and nurtured by the creator, His attitude suppose to be seen in our life,He said that we were made not to be a sinner but to be righteous we should emulate His character because that is what He expected in us,to love and respect each other,one word said,if you have been loved you self should be love.and My question is, Did you show love to anyone around you,Do you love nd respect that your partner and show him or her respect, are you the type that always fight with your wife, please am pleading on her behalf, let assume if God has been treating us that way,fighting with us or let his anger on us,me and you no that we could have not experience today,but through that love he showers us with mercy each day we sin and let our sinns by gon, plz am pleading  let love others as we love ourselves.

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    As a young boy I always fantasize of living a large life in future, do you remember the dreams you had when u were little. You always want to live in a very big house and have luxury cars, for ladies it’s to marry the most handsome and the richest man ever. A friend once told me “be there wasting your time while your mates are out there driving Porsche, I always laugh at that. But have you really thought about it. The time you are actually wasting while you could achieve more in life. There are lots of opportunities out there. How many have you taken advantage of. You wake up every morning and do repetition of what your yesterday was all about, no new thing being achieved, no goal, no actions being taken, only wishes. When will you stop wishing and do what you need to do to become successful. Have you given yourself a specified year to stop hustling and enjoy the success of your preceding years. I guess you haven’t thought about that. You want to hustle all your life. What am I saying. When will you man up and make everyday a success story in your life. You just sleep,wake up, eat, play with your phone and before you know the day is gone. What are you really doing about your future. You are not getting younger by the day. I urge you to man up and take that bold step which you are always scared to take. Be the person you always want to be. Be you. Make sacrifice for what you want now or what you want will end up being the sacrifice.

    Sometimes we wait for happiness. When it’s all around us. In the smile of a stranger. A call from a friend. Don’t miss the joy of today!

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    I mate a Lady few months ago ,I started studying her characters,her ways and,her background every thing nice ,we always communicate because I do call her all time, she is the person that I thought of dating with after so many years of single sicking for the right one, but later found that she is dated with someone,when I ask her what can be done about that she told me nothing,  I really like her so much ,but cause of that I made my decision not to call her anymore, because am filling like am going against their relationship ,advice me if I should forget everything about her